We are thrilled to be able to work with Davey Thompson, Indigenous actor, writer and producer best known for their lead role in the ABC series titled "All My Friends are Racist", on this very special campaign! We have admired Davey's artistic vision, charisma, wit and natural sense of style and movement for a long time, and finally found the perfect collaborative piece to showcase their unique character, embodying the spirit of our latest collection.   
In this mid season campaign shoot for our AW23 Season, we take our audience on a journey of the making of artisanal fashion, from workroom to streetscape. The concept is of a creative muse emerging from the artisan’s mind and hands, a tangible work of art evoking emotion and soul through the forming of cloth, ideas and traditional machinery. The conceptual and artistic creation then really comes to life when placed in a street landscape, representing the wearers intent for the garment and how it works for their day to day life.
The campaign itself is edited to reflect a 90's graphic novel. From cutting table, to sewing machine, to shop floor, then final release into the Fitzroy streetscape, designer Jude Ng collaborated with talented photographer and graphic designer Claudia Sforzati to bring Davey's character to life in this special storytelling campaign. 
TALENT // Davey Thompson
PHOTOGRAPHY + GRAPHICS // Claudia Sforzati


This AW23 season brings together the ‘outsiders’ (subculture) with the ‘insiders’ (popular culture) in the era which marked the birth of punk, a new freedom which paved the way for the club kids of the 80’s. We take a tongue-in cheek look at today’s watering down and homogenization of subcultures to cater to pop culture of the masses, asking the question - ‘how does one define individuality?’
Our campaign set is built as an enticing ‘underground disco cave’ where our two characters are able to let down their walls and enter into a trippy, twisted journey of self discovery. The campaign story is built in 5 stages - 1// Emo’s VS Jocks. A cheeky look at the two separate worlds having a ‘stare off ’ and not understanding each other. 2// Culture Clash. A chaotic and dynamic scene where the two characters come to heads in a battle which tests both physical and mental strength. 3// Meeting of Minds. A calm and harmonious scene where the characters come to a new understanding. 4// Subvert/ Convert. The mixing of two different cultures in a most unexpected way. 5// New World. A proud scene where the two characters have created a new subculture all their own.

Designer & Artistic Direction // Jude Ng

Talent // Shawn Richard & Hamritha

Campaign Styling // Tamara Leacock

Set Styling // Victoria Haslam

Hair & Makeup // Nisal Atapattu

Cinematography // Bonn Creative