WHEN | Tuesday 1st December 2020

TIME | 5 pm - 12 midnight

 RSVP | By 30 November, 2020 for the virtual passcode



We warmly welcome you to join us for the Virtual Launch of our Seasonless 21 Collection.

Focused on a meeting of style and comfort for the changing seasons, this series of work explores the blurred lines between our interior and exterior worlds, bridging the gap to maintain us through each day. Comfort fabrics in luxe natural fibres meld with highly tailored construction and relaxed shapes to create pieces to be loved and worn every day.

Our first ever Virtual Launch will feature an intimate BTS film of our latest collection campaign. Taking inspiration from the recession era of the 1930’s and 40’s, strict lines and practicality meet whimsical escape in a surrealist world inspired by a chessboard. Chess, a game often played at home which requires attention and focus, becomes an alternate escape which also creates structure in our daily routine.

A special passcode will give viewers special access to a VIP page where customers can delve into the story of our collection while shopping the exclusive first release of the first collection drop at a VIP 10% discount for the duration of the event.

As a trans-seasonal series of works, this collection will be released in staggered drops, allowing the wearer to slowly build a cohesive wardrobe while they journey with us through the changing seasons.