The Artisan 
Autumn Winter 20 Runway

As part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Independent Runway program, we presented The Artisan : An immersive runway experience to showcase our Autumn Winter 20 Collection.

The event was held at the JUDE Flagship Store in Fitzroy, where our open studio and workroom was transformed into the stage where the runway was presented, set with sewing machines, tools and materials in the background.

Hosted by acclaimed thespian and artist Victoria Haslam, the show opened with a welcome introduction, highlighting the concept of Shokunin, the Japanese concept of the Artisan.

A fashion film by conceptual filmmaker Claudia Sforzati was aired on a hand made projection screen, describing the designer and muse in action, with glimpses of our talented Melbourne makers at work on our collection.

The audience journeyed with us into the mind of designer Jude Ng, and got a peek into the secret world of how handmade artisan fashion is created. Jude sewed and draped in the background, while models emerged onto stage, utilising Butoh style movement to emote the drape and form of the clothing.

Set against a track created by sound designer Chris Cornelius, which used cutting and sewing sounds from our workroom to create a heady tapestry of music, models moved expressively in thoughtfully layered outfits styled by our head stylist Tamara Leacock.

Statement art accessories were supplied by Bini Gallery, and hair was styled by Razorsmiths and Xiang Hair, to complement our distinctive looks perfectly.

We welcomed a roomful of excited guests into our intimate world, where we revealed our AW 20 Collection, while allowing them to shop the looks from our runway in store while being personally styled by Jude and his team.

We are so grateful to all who could attend this very special event, our first ever runway presentation.


Designer: Jude Ng @designbyjude
Runway Video + Photography: Daniel Mallia @mallia__
Host: Victoria Haslam
Styling: Tamara Leacock @reciclagem
Artisan Feature Film + Stage Management: Claudia Sforzati @claudiasforzati
Hair: Razorsmiths Collingwood @razorsmiths Xiang Hair QV@xianghair
MUA: Emanuela D'ambrosio @beauty_by_emy
Jewelry: Bini Gallery @bini_gallery

Models: ADAH: @shopfear ADRIAN: @adrian.wiley ALEX: @thedaintyprince CHARLIE: @charliecheesman HENRIETTA: @henriettad_ JARED: jared_plant LORRAINE: @iamthelorr MIDORI:
ROCHELLE: @rochellethedealer TITAN: @titan.debirioun



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