An Interview with Advanced Style Maven : Suzanne Dekyvere

We are so blessed to meet inspiring women like Suzanne through the work that we do! Suzanne is an image consultant and stylist by trade, well respected in the Melbourne fashion community for the incredible work she does with her clients, her enduring support of local Melbourne designers such as ourselves and her slow fashion approach to styling where she teaches her clients to buy thoughtfully, choose well and truly treasure the things they wear.

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We had the pleasure to meet her at our winter collection launch back in 2017 and have become admirers of her unique style ever since! Her personal style profile on instagram @airofdistinction showcases her bold and original voice in fashion, with the clear message to women everywhere that fashion should be a reflection of who you are, not be trend-driven and most importantly - be FUN! 

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Suzanne's commitment to her personal style is displayed through her daily style posts - where she shows us how not to be afraid of mixing unexpected combinations of colour, pattern, texture and layering of silhouettes, to create a style which is distinctive and timeless. Her dynamic approach to putting things together is mixed with a finesse and attention to detail, right down to accessories and footwear which create such a harmonious composition, much like an artist constantly refining her palette. Most notably, she inspires women to use their style to express their personality and to not become invisible.

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During last year's Melbourne lockdown, Suzanne maintained her daily style posts on instagram, getting dressed to the nines each day! Just seeing her creativity first thing in the morning was such a boost for us, as we are sure it was for all her followers needing a dose of inspiration through those dark times!

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Through this mini lockdown, it feels appropriate to feature Suzanne as she shows us how to maintain a stylish presence while working comfortably from home, which in turn affects our mood as we go about our day.

We thank Suzanne for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions about her personal style and extensive experience in the world of fashion. Enjoy!

JUDE: How did you begin your career in fashion?
SUZANNE: After spending 20 years in the corporate world I decided I wanted to work in my own business rather than building others businesses. That lead me on a journey of studying image consultancy and styling. Although I train and mentor image consultants I am proud to say I am still on the journey – during last years lockdowns I studied Planetary Body Types and Fashion Feng Shui.  Fashion Feng Shui really speaks to me – at it’s most basic it is about dressing mindfully. When we are following our passion I don’t think we ever stop learning – continuous learning fuels the fire and passion.

JUDE: How does your experience and study of global fashion influence your style?
I am a mood dresser and I have a dramatic/creative style personality. I don’t know that I have any one era of fashion that influences me more than others – rather I pick bits from different eras and wear them together. Where ever my mood takes me I follow and then notice the rhythm and harmony that flows through my outfit.

JUDE: How do you anticipate our current global landscape to influence your work?
SUZANNE: I am an optimist at heart so I am ever so hopeful that the situation we find ourselves in will make people more conscious of where their clothes are made; where the fabric is made and by whom; buying with purpose and heart. As you know I am a big supporter of local designers. I am hopeful that by introducing people to designers such as yourself through my little videos, my Instagram and shopping with clients they start to buy clothes that make their hearts sing – clothes with soul – clothes made with love – clothes with a story.

JUDE: What do you hope clients will take away from working with you?
SUZANNE: A confidence and authenticity in the way they present themselves to the world. An awareness that how they dress sends out sub conscious messages about themselves and that it’s never too late to change those messages; to step into being their most authentic self; to find joy in the way they dress. Every. Single. Day.

JUDE: How do you feel about unisex fashion and design?
I LOVE unisex fashion and design. In particular your designs! I love the flexibility and styling options that each piece offers; the sustainability/ethical ideology that is intrinsic in unisex design and the fact that they lend themselves perfectly to self-interpretation. The pieces are so versatile and great workhorses in a sustainable wardrobe. For example I can and have styled your Orime pant back with an oversized knit; back with a boy style blazer and brogues; back with a soft silk blouse, tights and heels – the options are endless!

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