JUDE Fashion Film : A Story Of Layers

We were thrilled to be invited to showcase our collection once again with The Front Row, an all encompassing virtual fashion festival which features designers of Asian background from all over the world! The brainchild of Singapore creative director and fashion fanatic Daniel Boey, who has produced shows such as  Asia's Next Top Model, the dynamic and interactive presentation of The Front Row is not to be missed!

When asked to create a film presentation which embodies my label and what I stand for, I immediately thought it would be a fabulous idea to showcase how unisex our pieces are on our models, while giving the world an intimate glimpse of Melbourne by filming in our favourite streets and alleys around our Fitzroy store. I built a narrative around the transformative power of layering, the audience watching as the models morph through the art of getting dressed in sartorial layers.

Melbourne Unisex Designer Fashion

I divided the film into five small chapters, each offering a different perspective on the idea of getting dressed in layers, building up from simple and meditative, to a climax and celebration of dramatic layering. In each chapter, the models got dressed up layer by layer in an 'experimental layering laboratory' indoors, against an artful draped backdrop. Once each look was completed, they were then filmed outdoors, using everyday life (the streets of Melbourne) as their runway to display the final looks and watch how they function in the real world. I will now take you through the meaning behind each chapter.

A play on contrast and balance of light and dark, tailored and draped, the entry point into our layering story is described in a simple and striking way. Models stand in silent strength akin to moving sculptures, pairs of hands offer them layers which they slowly pull onto their bodies, their ensembles becoming increasingly structured. The final looks move into the outside world, against a backdrop of solid black and white, the models are set into motion with strong, simple angles.

Melbourne Designer Fashion Film

The models recline in fluid repose, their base layers in shades of indigo providing peace and comfort. Their layers draped as part of the backdrop, they pick up each piece in liquid motion, getting dressed in their own 'worlds' while physically close to each other. As they build and sculpt together softly tailored shapes, they gently transform into two unisex beings dressed in understated luxury, each with their own take on the same outfit.

Australian Made Unisex Luxury Designer Clothing

Building into a more fast paced middle section, the models stand in ceremony, facing each other, exchanging garments and getting dressed in unison as a ritual in order to construct their final ensembles. The super unisex nature of our tailored garments are highlighted in a palette of slate and sand, showing how the same garments move and work on different bodies. The finished looks are taken into the outside world, where they are showcased on the Fitzroy alleyways as their runway.

A section dedicated to the beauty of chaos and complexity, in this chapter we demonstrate the creative possibilities of modular clothing. Designer and stylist step into the dressing scene, buttoning and piecing panels of different garment together in unexpected ways, creating deconstructed looks which are at once avant-garde and wearable. In their final looks, models engage in a dance of push and pull, building dramatic tension.

Layered Unisex Designer Clothing in Luxury Natural Fibers

In this vivid finale, we celebrate everything we love about our clothing and how we choose to layer it - clashing texture, colour and shapes to create experimental harmony. Coats and jackets are layered upon dresses, pants and tunics to create bold and striking volume in a maximalist mood. The final looks are captured in the golden hour of evening, where the models celebrate the fruition of this layered story through joyous movement and a final uniting pose exalted in euphoric elevation.

Celebration of Transseasonal Layering in Italian Wool

'A Story Of Layers' premieres on Friday 27 August and will be available to watch online for 2 months. Login as a guest with your name and email and enter The Runway room to watch our presentation.



Clothing Design + Artistic Direction // Jude Ng
Talent // Trinity Hill & Blu-Jay
Stylist // Tamara Leacock
Filmographer // Bonn Creative
Music // Mitchell Waters


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